Those who know me best describe me as a tough, resilient, authentic badass. I’m also a total goof and an insecure exhibitionist. 


I believe wholeheartedly in the power of the divine feminine. I know that the world will be a better place when women can slow down long enough to begin to feel – again, or for the first time – what they truly desire.


So Goddess,

What lights you up?

What turns you on?

What makes you feel JUICY and ALIVE?

I want to help you go DEEP into these questions.


Because when women OWN their wild, innate feminine power they will change their lives — and in turn, the world (and Goddess knows we need that right about now!)

Let’s go deeper!


I come from a long line of unfulfilled women.

Nearly 20 years ago, I was walking in the forest with my lifelong friend, Sally. My infant daughter was strapped to my back and, with tears in my eyes, I told Sally that I owed it to my daughter to put an end to the generational pain that plagued the women on both sides of my family.

The women with dreams and passions, but who had no outlet for them.      The hopes and talents that were never acknowledged, let alone celebrated.

My ancestors were powerful women who were shoved into little boxes and left with nothing to do but clean them. Mothers and sisters and daughters who were good mothers – or not so good mothers – but did their best under the circumstances.

Maybe you, too, have felt the weight of generations of women who lost – or never even knew – their power. Or were forced to give it up.

I’m here to reclaim that power. Not just for me but for the 7 generations before me and the 7 generations following me who will be healed by my actions.

Want to know even more?


You are a badass creatrix goddess and you hold the power of the universe within you – don’t you ever forget that!




Here are a few highlights: 

  • I have my master’s degree in counseling
  • I have two relatively happy teenage kids (if you know, you know)
  • I have been married and divorced twice
  • I left an emotionally abusive marriage 
  • I held my mom’s hand as she passed away from severe early onset dementia after she was diagnosed at age 55
  • I donated a kidney to my sister
  • I wrote a book in 6 weeks and self-published it (It’s an erotic novel written under a nom de plume)
  • I have manifested a partner who checked all my boxes  
  • I have manifested three homes
  • I am a published poet (read one here)
  • I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have been self-employed as a career coach for new moms, a freelance writer and journalist, and a simple living guide and organizer  
  • I was fired from a six-figure job (from the company you chill with) 
  • I’ve been meditating since the mid-90s 
  • I was a PE teacher for a decade 
  • I studied Equine Guided Education (EGE) and worked with the EGE program at Stanford University
  • I am certified to teach yoga and mindfulness 
  • I am a 3 time All American in track and field 


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